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Why The Niiceone Is My New Favorite Budget Vaporizer

It’s not every day I expect to buy a budget vape and have it change my world. In fact, I barely put much thought into buying the Niiceone at all. I saw it, then the price, and knew I had to have it.

It’s a delightfully small-scale vape

The first thing that drew me to the Niiceone was its sleek, compact design. I’m a sucker for pocketable devices. If I can slide it into even my tightest pockets – great. If I can slide it in alongside my phone? Game-changing.

So, yes. You could say that the Niiceone had me at “impressively small dimensions.”

For its size, it packs a powerful high-tech punch

Like many of us would be, I must admit I was wary of how much technology could really fit into such a small, discrete body. There was enough room for a minuscule vapor path and fingernail-sized battery as far as I was concerned.

It wasn’t until the first time I cracked open the vape that I knew I was in for a treat. With somewhat of a clown-car effect, the Niiceone opens wide to showcase its medical-grade ceramic and stainless steel oven. Once I’d gotten over the shock of the high-quality materials, it finally hit me: The oven is huge! 0.8 grams huge.

I can vape whatever I want with the Niiceone? Sign me up!

And the best part? I could fill it with whatever I so pleased. That’s right; it’s somehow a dual-oven. Speaking of the wonder-oven, I didn’t even have to fiddle with pesky inserts or the likes. My only job was to clean the oven when switching between dry herb and extract. And since the vape came with all the cleaning materials I could hope for (pipe cleaner, cleaning knife, cleaning brush), I never had to go looking for my vagabond cleaning materials.

And when it came to getting things off the ground, the Niiceone made it easy on me. I’m usually not a big fan of LED screens on portable vapes, but the Niiceone is my only exception. With just a few touches of the screen, my vape was ready to go!

A vaping experience like no other

In the time it’s taken you to read this, I could have a whole session done and dusted with the Niiceone. Its impressive 2680 mAh Li-ion battery means that everything happens fast. It never quite feels like it’s about to fall apart or will need CPR any moment now. In reality, it’s quite speedy. I want to say that the vape was ready for use under 15 seconds and capable of reaching max temperature in a minute.

Even though it applies dual-heating mechanisms to get every last drop out of my material, it never once failed me. In fact, I received a lovely mouthful (lungful) of some of the most flavorful vapor I’ve ever experienced.

Final thoughts

I’m never letting go of my Niiceone. I landed this miracle worker for just £69. and it’s been in and out of my pocket ever since.

The Niiceone’s design has you in mind, the vaper. It uses advanced technology and versatile mechanisms to make sure that you have the best all-around session possible. And well, I have those sessions regularly now! I’d highly recommend snapping up this industry-changing low-cost vaporizer if you get the chance. It might just change your world as well!

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