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What is CBD Unlimited, and why should you know about it?

The cannabis and CBD markets have been growing exponentially, and now, four more states are set to legalize marijuana in November.

Arizona, New Jersey, South Dakota, and Montana all passed legislation Tuesday permitting the possession of cannabis by adults. This means that 15 states have now voted to legalize recreational cannabis use. South Dakota and Mississippi passed initiatives to allow medical marijuana, which means 36 states now permit medical marijuana legal distribution.

The increase in cannabis legalization directly affects the CBD market. More people get curious and educated about the impact of cannabis and discover the benefits of CBD.

However, the CBD market is far less regulated than the cannabis market, and you will find a lot of brands with low CBD content in the market. This is not the case with CBD Unlimited.

Let me give you an overview of CBD Unlimited and why you should trust them when it comes to CBD.

Who are they?

CBD Unlimited was founded in 2014 with the belief that cannabidiol (CBD) unlocked a new frontier in natural healing.

Their founder Todd Davis has a biotech background from the 90s, and he quickly identified that the industry faced a major challenge: nobody knew how to measure and control dosages.

CBD Unlimited supported four separate studies with 180 volunteer patients in order to define effective dosing ranges for each delivery system. They are doing continued research, but they single-handedly defined the standard when it comes to CBD products.

What is CBD's Unlimited strength?

CBD Unlimited produces the most well-balanced and high-quality products for consumers. They extract hemp from the highest quality U.S. grown hemp, allowing them to have full control over the quality and extraction process. With their science-focused background, they are able to produce the highest quality CBD products on the market.

Their focus on quality goes by a very strict and defined quality control process, considering product purity, contamination by microbial organisms, and heavy metals.

Who owns them?

CBD Unlimited is owned by the publicly-traded company, Endexx (symbol: EDXC). The company is publicly traded in the U.S., so not only can you consume a high-end product, you could invest in the firm that makes it if you wish so. I often suggest investing in companies that you trust and believe in. Once I tried CBD Unlimited’s products, I grew to believe in their company, and I expect you will too.

Why are they a superior brand?

Science. CBD Unlimited’s research focus sets them apart from the competition, allowing them to deliver the highest-quality CBD products sold in over 10,000 stores. Additionally, the company recently announced a major world-class celebrity is releasing his/her product line with CBD Unlimited, which will make the company a household name.

What's next for CBD Unlimited?

CBD Unlimited is seeking to enter new markets in order to develop itself as an international player in the cannabis market. They recently received “Provisional” approval for two licenses from Jamaica's cannabis regulator. The company is making a strategic move and joining the growing list of foreign companies taking advantage of Jamaica's legalized medical marijuana and hemp industry.

Jamaican ganja has become the epicenter of marijuana in the world. These licenses will allow them to sell both CBD and marijuana products to the world. CBD Unlimited will be operating in Jamaica through its international subsidiary, Go Green Global Enterprises.

Final words

CBD Unlimited has solid products with excellent reviews. You can find them in all major retailers nationwide. They enjoy celebrities’ endorsement and partnership because they are among the only trusted CBD brands on the market. This is a company to watch and a brand you can use with confidence!

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