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What are CBD Drinks?

It does not take a wise man to know that CBD industry is booming. But it needs a real genius to find two booming industries and mix them. That is precisely what some smart guy – who is about to become crazy rich – just did. The combination of CBD with beverages has made it super easy to use CBD. And for those wellness enthusiasts, there is nothing more exciting.

CBD can make you feel calm and relaxed. It can also relieve your anxiety, pains, and inflammations. The drinks effectively combine these health benefits into an easy to use option. It also eliminates the bland taste of CBD oil, which is a significant drawback with CBD usage for some.

Drinks with CBD

You can find CBD in everything from water to cocktails. They are mixed with energy drinks, tea, coffee, and even nonalcoholic wines. The use of CBD with alcohol is a little controversial, as it can cause sedation in some individuals.

The CBD water is extremely popular as a wellness product, which is used for both post-workout recovery and pre-game focus and concentration. With CBD water, the CBD concentrations are low; with one bottle having anything between 2 – 10 mg of CBD. For someone who consumes high doses, this may seem a costly method as per milligram CBD price is high in CBD water.

Mixing the oil in water

You would probably have heard the name ‘CBD oil.’ You are correct on that; it is an oil. So how to mix oil in a watery solution. Oils do not mix well with water, and CBD is no exception to it. While you can add oils to your coffee and have them together, the same does not apply when making beverages in large quantities.

The CBD water industry relies on nanotechnology to create nanoparticles of CBD. These nanoparticles are water soluble. An added advantage of that is the absorption of these nanoparticles are high, boasting the bioavailability.

Is it legal?

Unfortunately, CBD drinks are not legal in all states. While the 2018 Farm Bill opened doors for CBD products across the United States, some states have shown reluctance at allowing foods and beverages with CBD. The state officials are not to blame, because there is little authority over the quality of CBD products. So mixing them in foods and drinks can allow some low-quality brands to find a broader market.

In summary, CBD drinks are a goldmine in already thriving industry. The serving sizes are not fixed and can vary significantly. This would make these not an ideal option for those needing fixed CBD dosage for their medical conditions. CBD drinks are more suited for healthy people who wish to add them to their fitness schedule. Or for those who want to have some CBD on the go, to relax from their hectic lifestyle. The cannabis-friendly states have CBD drinks in abundance, with more states opening their doors for them shortly.

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