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Vaporizer Christmas gift buying guide

Christmas may be different this year, however, it is still happening – and hence why the rush of gift buying is still very much on the calendar. We may not be able to spend much time in physical stores, but that’s when the Internet and online shopping comes in handy. We are able to buy perfect presents for underneath the Christmas tree from the safety of our own homes.

So, if you are looking to find the perfect vaping gift for your close ones, you’ve come to the right place. Make yourself a nice cuppa tea, relax and let our guide help you choose the finest vaporizer. Then making a purchase is only a few clicks away! We spoke to Anthony from the Green Society to find out which dry herb vaporizers should be on your Christmas list!

Flowermate Hybrid X

If your loved one is one of these people who like to have it all, Flowermate Hybrid X is the right gift for them. This is a quintessential vape that passes all the checks: it’s very discrete, fits right in your pocket and has a powerful interior that gives its user the best experience. The Hybrid X has a customizable temperature range and it heats up in just 15 seconds. The Hybrid X has also a built-in “sleep mode” that shuts the system in just 10 seconds. Thanks to the range of 40ºC - 260°C temperatures, this vaporizer can take anything from herbs and waxes to oils, liquids and resins, and always produce the best results. This means it can be used by anyone as it fits all the preferences.

Sum up: Perfect gift for someone constantly on the move who likes diversity and having it all in one small device

Price: less than £100

Pax 3

The Pax 3 is the perfect vaporizer for someone who likes to have full control of their vaping experience and also is quite into technology. The improved version of older Pax models has a new feature – an app that can be downloaded to a smartphone. Thanks to that, the user can now customize the temperature and manage the vapor and flavor output. The Pax 3 is also advanced when it comes to charging, heating up and battery life. This device can heat up in only 15 seconds and last around 100 minutes.

Sum up: Perfect gift for a tech lover who likes to be in control of their experience

Price: £167

Herbstick Relax Fyhit

We know how much Christmas shopping can damage our budget. That’s why we’d like to suggest Herbstick Relax Fyhit if you are looking for a present with a smaller price tag. The Herbstick is small and portable with a slick aluminum body. However, don’t be deceived – this little device is a powerhouse that can easily be hidden and enjoyed in any place and time. It has a huge 0.4g oven chamber and produces clear vapor. The user can control the temperature, choosing the setting from 120ºC to 225ºC. The engineers have also decided to include and a built-in motion sensor that sets the vape when you are nearby – so no more pushing buttons, the device is ready when you grab it!

Sum up: Perfect gift if you are on a budget but still want to get a quality device

Price: £59

Dynavap M 2020

Here is a manual vaporizer considered the best of all torch-powered devices. The Dynavap is small, discrete and has an old-school design of a cigarette. It’s been made from medical grade stainless steel and has several features that make it stand out from the previous models. The Dynavap M makes better and fluffier clouds thanks to a smoother airflow and it’s also perfect for people who like to micro-dose. The device can hold anything from 0.1 to 0.5 grams and it’s adjust-a-bowl upgrade allows softer hits. This device’s best feature is certainly two chiral airports and tapered mouthpiece that guarantee its user best experience when inhaling.

Sum up: Perfect gift for someone who likes new trends and/or likes micro-dosing

Price: under £100

Firefly 2 Plus

This is an improved version of the Firefly 2 that comes with a better airflow, which means its user can enjoy a more natural and smoother feel when inhaling. This device uses herbs, clouds and oils and has a tendency to strong flavours. The delectable flavour is possible thanks to nurturing and nestling the herb – the heat is spread evenly and there is no place for combustion, over-cooking or charring.

Sum up: Perfect gift for someone who values flavour more than anything else

Price: £229.95

The Mighty

The name says it all – The Mighty is the ultimate monster of the dry herb vaporizers. Compared to most vapes, it is not the most portable option but still can be considered pocket-sized (if your jeans have pretty big pockets!) and certainly fits within the palm. However, if you are looking for a device with powerful batteries – this is the one. The Mighty has a lifetime of around 90 – 120 minutes and it only takes around 90 seconds to reach the maximum heat. The user has also an option of selecting a temperature (range between 40ºC – 210ºC) and the device offers the precision of one-degree increments. Thanks to a dual convection and conduction heaters, this vape will give its user the most bake-through experience no matter how little dry herb has been put in the chamber.

Sum up: Perfect gift for vape connoisseurs

Price: £245

Davinci IQ

Here is another one for tech lovers who like to control their vape experience via mobile app. The Davinci IQ comes with a 10-year warranty which means you don’t have to worry your Christmas gift will fail and break after a year or two. The plus side of this device is the fact that the battery is changeable – so, if you are on the go and run out of juice, you can easily change it for a pre-charged battery and continue enjoying your experience. The Davinci app allows the user to fully customize the whole vape session.

Sum up: Perfect gift for those who are often on the move and are tech-savvy

Price: £179

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