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Top 5 CBD Products to White Label

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

In the past decade, CBD products have skyrocketed in popularity. The CDB industry itself has expanded with a market size of 414.7 million dollars in 2019 and it is expected to reach 3.2 trillion dollars by the end of 2026. With these numbers, many people have seen this as a great business opportunity. CBD carries enormous market potential and offers a diverse range of applications, from skincare to pain management.

If you are looking to become a new player in this industry, Silver Shadow CBD can help bring your business idea to life. Silver Shadow CBD has been manufacturing CBD product in house longer than anyone else in the USA, and offer over 350 quality CBD Products.

Here are our top picks for white label CBD products, that will provide you with an opportunity to launch your very own CBD brand.

1. CBD Gummies

Taking CBD regularly offers many benefits, but people do not always enjoy its flavor. However, CBD gummies offer an alternative for people who want to enjoy the benefits of CBD with great taste. Each CBD gummies dosage ranges from 8mg to 25mg a piece. The flavor can be adjusted.

Mixing top-of-the-line hemp with zestful flavors will allow you to offer the best CBD gummies for sale with a great taste too. CBD gummies are a fast and effective way of consuming CBD.

2. CBD Balms

CBD creams and balms help with skin discomfort and dryness while nourishing it with a blend of supporting topical ingredients and the natural goodness of the hemp plant. In the past years, white label CBD products have taken over the healthcare industry.

Balms and salves get mixed in with other ingredients like essential oils or beeswax and can be customized to fit your exact ingredient list. You can always customize the product scent and packaging making it perfect for a skincare line.

3. CBD Gel Caps

CBD gel cap is the easiest way to take CBD oil. White label CBD soft gels contain CBD-rich full plant hemp extracts. They are made from true agricultural hemp and the CBD get cap is a convenient way to take just the right amount of CBD oil to improve your health.

It is one of the best choices for those looking to have a starting product to launch their brand. Gelcaps are bio-absorbent, which make them highly effective and helps target specific conditions like muscle pain or headaches.

4. Tinctures

CBD can be taken in many forms, from smoking to edibles. One of the popular methods is through a tincture.

Tinctures are a potent liquid that delivers the effects of the CBD molecules without any smoking or other form of combustion. In this booming consumer market, producers will often add carrier oils and other complementary ingredients, such as orange, lemon, or peppermint to improve the taste of a tincture.

Tincture private label CBD brand is a popular choice for consumers as the tincture allows for mixing with water, tea, food, etc.

5. CBD Concentrates

CBD concentrates are the newest way to consume nature’s finest supplement and receive fast-acting relief. Broad-spectrum CBD isolate shatters can be dabbed by itself on a rig/concentrate pen or sprinkled onto your favorite smoking blend to bring on the full effects of cannabinoids working harmoniously together.

Concentrates are particularly useful for new CBD companies that want to get a better understanding of how CBD works, before focusing on a specific product line.

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