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The Thrifty Guide to Buying Cheap Cannabis Seeds

With the growth of the cannabis market in the US, purchasing seeds for your growing projects is getting to be an increasingly complex decision. Varieties of seeds yield different requirements, produce different results, and are not priced equally. To learn how to purchase seeds cheaply for a budget operation, read on.

Don’t Autoflower

To economize your seed purchase, you’ll want to stay clear of autoflowering strains’ seeds. Most cannabis plants flower around the autumn, according to the light they receive. When the sunlight they are exposed to approximates 12 hours, they flower.

One strain, the Cannabis ruderalis, developed an unusual mutation leading it to flower irrespective of light conditions, once it reaches a certain age. Breeders have used this ‘autoflowering’ strain in the genetics of their own strains to allow breeders to breed in colder climates or with less conscious planning. Unfortunately, Cannabis ruderalis is a particularly low-THC strain, so most of the autflowering strains developed from it are also less than potent.

But there’s another reason to avoid autoflower seeds. On average, they are more expensive than regular seeds. You’ll want to avoid them to make your purchase economical.

Don’t Pick a Gender

Normally, a seedbank will sell you several seeds without specifying their gender. When you grow the plants, you will have to separate the male plants from the females to prevent the male’s from pollinating the females. This requires some effort, as even a single male plant can pollinate an entire small grow, thwarting your plans to produce good buds.

In an effort to make things easier on growers, seedbanks sell what are called ‘feminized’ seeds, which produce only feminine plants. These seeds are produced from a mother plant that was put under certain stresses in her life to cause her to be monoecious (a hermaphroditic state in which she pollinizes herself).

While these seeds have only one set of genes and are thus less useful to breeders, they save time and effort for growers. Unfortunately, they are also on average more expensive. If you want to buy seeds cheaply, avoid the feminized seeds as well.

Don’t Pick the Most Popular Strains

If you want cheap seeds, you have to realize that seeds are sold in a market economy where demand, and to a lesser degree cost, determine price. While autoflower and feminized seeds cost more because of producer cost, trendy strains cost more because they are the most demanded. But the trends with strains come and go, and just because a strain isn’t popular right now doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth growing.

Don’t Buy at a Dispensary

While buying at a dispensary is convenient and immediately gratifying, it isn’t a great idea. Dispensaries have to pay for their rent costs. You will feel that cost in the final price of the seeds that you purchase. Instead, visit the variety of online seedbanks to find a more economic choice.

Some choices to consider:

  • Sticky Seeds is the most recommended place to buy cheap cannabis seeds online. Sticky Seeds is a great place to get started.

  • Neptune Seed Bank is one of the most popular US seed dealers.

  • Seed Here Now is based out of Oregon and has a great selection of genetics.

Be sure to spend the time to properly research the options and potential sales at the websites. With these guidelines in mind, you’re sure to economize your seed purchasing plans.

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