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The Pros and Cons of CBD Products

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

At caneaze.com, we get asked all the time which is the best CBD product we sell. In order to answer this, we have written an article to examine the pros and cons of the different forms of CBD products available on the market today.

CBD and its useful properties

Cannanidoil or CBD, as its most commonly referred to, is a substance that is derived from the cannabis or hemp plant. The useful qualities of the hemp plant have long been realized by man (and women) and were first spun into fiber 10,000 years ago (Tourangeau & Wesley 2015).

The plant was in full-scale production in both the US and UK during world war II, mainly to provide the military with rope.

In the 1950s, the hemp plant was demonized by the US government for its psychoactive properties. The term marijuana describes strains of the hemp plant, which contains much higher levels of THC ( The chemical that gets you high). Today there are thousands of strains of marijuana, but it is these strains that are often illegal in many countries across the world.

An article written for medium.com describes “Hemp” as a term used to classify varieties of Cannabis that contain 0.3% or less THC content. It’s these strains that are used to create CBD products for the UK market as UK law states a maximum THC content of 0.2%.

The different forms of CBD

There are several different forms of CBD depending on which part of the plant is processed.


Full Spectrum CBD uses the whole plant and includes several other phytocannabinoids but most notably trace amounts of THC. It is believed that the therapeutic effects are greater from full spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD. This is often referred to as the entourage effect.


Broad Spectrum contains all phytocannabinoids in the plant minus the THC.


Isolate CBD has undergone a process to extract only the CBD molecule, removing the other phytocannabinoids.

Hemp Seed Oil

By pressing the seeds of the hemp plant, oil is extracted. This oil contains no CBD or any of the other phytocannabinoids.

Nano CBD

To add CBD to topical products, CBD molecules are shrunk down

allowing them to pass through the skin.

CBD Products Explained

There is a bewildering array of different CBD products available. However, the main products are grouped together as:

CBD Oils and tinctures

CBD Creams and lotions (topical)

CBD Capsules and pills

CBD Edibles

CBD Vapes

CBD Oils and Tinctures

The most popular CBD products tend to be CBD oils. Conventional oils such as coconut oil or olive oil are infused with CBD. The Levels of CBD and other phytocannabinoids vary depending on the product. Therefore, it's best to research which properties you require from your CBD oil before you choose which one to purchase.

It is often recommended that the oil is placed under the tongue using a dropper. Ting capillaries under the tongue allow the compounds to absorb quickly into the body.

Dosages vary according to the products and also the person. The company selling the product will often provide detailed guidelines of dodges and how to take the product. Here’s one of our articles on choosing the correct dosage of CBD oil (https://caneaze.com/blogs/cbd-facts-research/the-correcting-dosing-of-cbd)


Great for those who find taking pills difficult.

Quickly absorbed into the body

Exact dosage can be repeated using a dropper

Bioavailability is higher than with capsules.

Huge range of strengths

and properties available


Some oils have unpleasant tastes (unless artificially flavoured)

Transporting a bottle of oil and a dropper is inconvenient

Taking the oil is not subtle and is difficult to do without drawing attention to yourself

Creams and lotions

Applying CBD through topical creams and lotions is used when trying to target pain or skin condition. The CBD molecule is shrunk so that when infused into the product, the CBD molecule can pass through the skin. Anti-aging products and makeup also infuse CBD into their products in this way.


Allows you to target a specific area with the CBD

Easy to use

Can be combined with other beneficial products in one application


Difficult to know how far into the body the CBD is actually reaching.

Difficult to regulate precisely how much of the CBD you are receiving each application.

Possible skin reactions.

Capsules and pills

Capsules are popular because they fall in line with how we take the vast majority of our medicine. They are formed in much the same way as CBD oil by extracting the phytocannabinoids from the plant and then storing them in a pill or capsule.


Discreet and easy to take

Very simple to follow dosage guidelines



Less of a range of products, so it may be challenging to find the ideal ratios of active ingredients and strengths

Lower bioavailability then taking CBD oil


With the word edible meaning “something you can eat” its pretty self explanatory that CBD edibles are food items infused with CBD. The majority of these products tend to be in the form of sweets with gummy bears (https://caneaze.com/collections/cbd-vaporizers-and-edibles/products/cbd-living-gummies) a very popular choice.


Taste great

Gradually releases the CBD as the edibles take longer to break down during digestion

Easy to correctly dose


Takes longer for the CBD to get into the system compared to oils

Absorption varies depending on users metabolism


As with e-cigarettes, cod oil can be heated up into vapor form and inhaled.

This method of taking CBD has been promoted as helping people to stop smoking as well as all of the other associated CBD benefits.


Probably the fastest method of absorbing CBD oil into the body

Easy to transport



Difficult to administer exact dodges vaping methods vary

There is still little research into the possible harmful effects of vaping


There are many great ways to enjoy CBD, and a little bit of research will help to find you the best product for your requirements.

If you would like any help or advice with any of our CBD products, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.


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