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Smokable Hemps Flower Trends

Smokable hemp flower is trending in the broader hemp and CBD market and some are wondering where to buy hemp flower online. Legal hemp flower seems to be all the rage, especially in US states which do not currently have a medical or recreational cannabis program in place. Regardless of where and why people are consuming smokable hemp flowers, let's look at what exactly hemp flower is and the various grades of quality.

Much like cannabis, hemp flower comes in different levels of quality, from small craft operations to huge industrial-sized production setups. Obviously, a huge farm can produce vast amounts of hemp flower, when compared with a small artisan hemp flower farm. The quality of that hemp flower will vary greatly depending on the size of the farm.

Industrial hemp farms produce industrial hemp, craft hemp flower farms produce craft hemp buds. It's really as simple as that. While there are levels of quality amongst the larger farms due to hemp growing knowledge, drying techniques and hemp genetic selection, it would be hard to compare artisan hemp flower with hemp buds from an industrial hemp farm.

The reasons for this are mainly in the level of care a boutique hemp farm gives to their hemp plants and the fact that they have a better chance of being able to properly dry and cure a hemp flower crop. In addition, a craft hemp flower farm is likely to hand trim their hemp buds, which leads to more value per weight, as there is not as much leaf matter when compared with most industrial hemp flower.

Large farms simply do not have enough drying space as they were really intended to grow industrial hemp for CBD extraction, not premium smokable hemp flower. These hemp farms can also not afford to pay for trimmers to hand trim literally tons of hemp flower.

The issue of the "The Smokable Hemp Flower Conspiracy" occurred when industrial hemp farmers learned of the emerging hemp flower market thanks to companies like Dreamland Organics, which helped pioneer the concept.

Before we began growing hemp in 2017, there were virtually no farms producing hemp flower to be smoked, only extracted. Since then, it seems almost every industrial hemp farm sells hemp flower online and labels it "craft hemp".

The reality is, there are very few "craft or artisan" hemp flower farms. As a rule of thumb, over an acre or 2 is usually not a craft hemp flower farm. Unless they have a tremendous drying facility and a highly trained staff of master growers and helpers, it's hard to produce craft hemp at scale. That's kind of the point.

The problem is consumers don't know the difference between the two because industrial hemp flower buds often look very similar to craft hemp buds. The real difference is in the taste and overall quality of the hemp flower.

Budweiser doesn't call itself "craft beer" and charge $12 a six-pack, but hemp farms are doing something very similar when they label the tops of their hemp biomass as artisan hand-trimmed hemp flower. Technically, it is hemp flower, it just is not "craft" hemp flower.

The truth is, actual craft hemp prices are similar to craft cannabis, as they require the same amount of care and cost. While many online hemp flower companies sell ounces for under $100, that is not feasible for most hand-trimmed craft hemp flower producers. The time and cost for hand trimming, along with space for proper drying and curing warrants a steeper price.

The price is reflected in the quality however and true craft hemp flower will be significantly more terpene-rich than kiln-dried industrial hemp flowers. This more terpene-rich flower will not only be more aesthetically pleasing, but it will also increase potency as terpenes contribute to the "entourage effect".

While it may take consumers quite some time to notice the nuances of craft hemp flower, as do say craft beer or wine enthusiasts, craft hemp is a "thing" and demands it's proper classification.

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