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New Cannabis Delivery Service in Los Angeles: Emjay

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Emjay has launched in Los Angeles as a cannabis delivery service catering to cannabis enthusiasts and recreational users across the city. The health- and wellness-focused cannabis platform that also services the Oakland, Calif., area, features a curated selection of cannabis products hand-selected by industry favorite and Emjay partner, Mario Guzman, founder of Sherbinskis.

Priding itself on the caliber of offerings and top-notch service, Emjay only curates the highest quality products, making sure that each has been tested and verified for quality by their team of industry experts. Products available on the platform include goods from high-end cannabis companies Beboe, Bloom Farms, Kiva and Sherbinskis. Emjay customers can expect to have their products delivered to their door within an average of 30 minutes, and all at the same price as going to a dispensary.

Emjay makes its debut in the Los Angeles market in conjunction with its partnership with the Barneys New York flagship store in Beverly Hills and Beboe, a line of cannabis vaporizer pens and edible pastilles. Emjay joins the luxury specialty retailer as its exclusive white glove delivery service for cannabis products at "The High End," a first-of-its-kind cannabis lifestyle and wellness concept shop.

"As a company in an emerging market, we are given the opportunity to shatter expectations and industry norms. Partnering with an upscale cannabis brand like Beboe and providing fulfillment for a luxury retailer like Barneys New York is a clear sign that Emjay and our community are moving in the right direction, bridging the gap between cannabis culture and the mainstream," says Miranda Lee, VP of Operations and Brand at Emjay.

As one of the only vertically integrated delivery platforms in the industry, Emjay holds itself to the highest of standards, taking pride in being built on compliance by fully owning their licenses and infrastructure. As Emjay looks to expand its company and its verticals, they recently announced the acquisition of Cannvis, a high-end, Oakland-based cannabis delivery company, including the obtainment of its thousands of customers.

To order and subscribe, please visit heyemjay.com to learn more about the delivery platform.

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