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Indigenous Cannabis Leading The Way in Canada

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

As cannabis legalization swept through Canada in 2018, the vast majority of production and retail licenses didn’t end up in the hands of indigenous groups. Both the United States and Canada have large populations of indigenous communities that are underserved and underrepresented.

Although it was an uphill battle, roughly 6 indigenous-based dispensaries or producers have been granted federal licenses across Canada. Leaving many native communities to take their economic wellbeing in their own hands.

Recreational Access with Medical Standards

Over the past 12 months of this writing (August 2019) there has been an explosion of native owned retail dispensaries open up in native communities across Canada. Many having extremely high quality products. This has coincided with the cannabis industry really progressing in high-quality processed and packaged products, with many of the native dispensaries carrying

Ensuring Customer Safety

Although Canadian laws stipulate that each License Producer is responsible for testing and labelling their product, it’s found that many sacrifice regulation over quality. This also comes at a time where the “dealer on the corner” market in Canada is gaining steam as many residents become dissatisfied with increasing cannabis prices.

What individuals are sacrificing by moving to street-market cannabis is the potential for coming into contact with contaminated marijuana. Many Indigenous Dispensaries fall in a grey zone as technically they do not possess the required licensing to be supplied by a Federally regulated Licensed Producers. Many are forced to buy from unregulated sources. Which unfortunately puts the responsibility of testing for quality on the dispensary. While a handful of them do outsource the testing, most do not.

Legacy 420 in Tyendinaga is showing local residents, Canada, and the world at large what it means to sell cannabis that’s safe to consume. As one of the original dispensaries in their community it efficiently tests their products to Health Canada standards to guarantee that their cannabis is free from mold, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, foreign additives, and insecticides.

Check them out at Legacy420.com

Rated One of The Top Cannabis Dispensaries in Canada

It’s not easy to be recognized as one of the top recreational cannabis dispensaries in Canada. Considering the entire country formally legalized marijuana in 2018, there’s quite a bit of competition. Instead of waiting for it to come to them, The Medicine Box has put in the work necessary to become recognized for their dedication to their customers.

The Medicine Box is rated as the #3 dispensary in Canada. This isn’t a feat that goes unnoticed, and this is why the infamous marijuana advocate Snoop Dogg dropped into The Medicine Box to check out the hype. Snoop Dogg went as far as showing the world what The Medicine Box crafted for him during his stay in Montreal.

Check them out at Medicinebox.ca

Top-Shelf Cannabis Product Selection

The Vice magazine featured Oneida Organics in Onieda prides itself on working with small-batch cannabis cultivators to enforce the quality-over-quantity mentality. This idea shines in each of the flowers that can be found at the high-end dispensary.

Whether you’re a medical or recreational customer, they have that you can hope for. They specialize in carrying an assortment a potent CBD products, Sky-high THC levels and concentrates and edible choices.

Check them out at oneidaorganics.com

Experience Another Level of Customer Service

With online shopping becoming more and more popular, global brand retail stores like Starbucks have had to make customer experience their number 1 differentiation to get a customer to choose to physically go to a store to spend their money.

These top native owned dispensaries have consciously tried to craft an experience that doesn’t stop at their products. They understand that customer service can make or break a recreational cannabis dispensary; therefore, they go above-and-beyond to ensure that their clients feel comfortable and taken care of.

Join The Indigenous Movement

The economic boom has been felt in Native communities across Canada due to the emerging cannabis market. While some communities and dispensary’s are starting from humble beginnings, there are examples across Indian Country of establishments doing it to very high standards.

Native owned dispensaries that maintain Exceptional cannabis quality, commitment to their community, and extraordinary customer service will find them themselves the market leaders in their respective communities.

As far as these small community dispensaries are concerned, they are in a league of its own and should set the standard for not only other Native dispensaries, but dispensaries around the world.

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