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How to help a friend who got too high?

It is a known fact that a friend in need is a friend indeed. This article will expose different ways you can help a friend who got too high. What are friends for if we can't render help when needed?

It's an obvious fact that cannabis affects each and every person differently, its effects on individuals differs a whole lot. The way it affects John might be totally different from the way it affects Sandra. And a lot of people who take cannabis can one at least felt when they got excessively high, things got out of hand and a little strange, bizarre at this point, help is needed.

Things can go wrong if there is no one around to assist in calming them down. A good example is marijuana. Marijuana affects us differently too; it is imperative to note that not all our efforts in trying to help a friend who is feeling too high that will work. This is because everyone reacts differently.

If you find yourself in a condition where someone you love and care about has eaten, smoked, or swallowed a large quantity of cannabis, here are about seven ways to relief a friend who is too high:

1. Let your friend be reminded that it is a passing phase.

The feelings of being too high are momentary and will soon pass. It is very essential they talk to someone especially their loved ones. Talking to someone they trust is vital for many people coming down from a bad high, that word of encouragement goes along way. Hearing that the discomfort will disappear in time is helpful. Encourage your friend to take a deep breath by inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.

2. CBD

Endeavor to make your friend consume a cannabis strain with very high levels of cannabidiol (CBD), a cannabinoid we know to counteract intense psychoactive effects from THC.

3. Shower

Encourage your friend to take a soothing shower or just lie down in a dark room this will help calm them down. if the cannabis experience is very bad, aromatherapy with lavender, jasmine, and even black peppercorn can be of great help to a friend feeling too high.

4. Food & Water

Provide your friend with some food or water if they are feeling too high. Abstain from giving your friend beverages that has caffeine in it and never offer alcohol.

5. Isolate

get your friend away from crowds. Move your friend to a comfortable space where he or she feels relaxed, be it his or her own bedroom, a restroom or outside to get some fresh air.

6. Diversion

Try to divert your friend's attention, make them do simple activities he or she enjoys, like games or watching a favorite TV show.

7. Emergency

If your friend is feeling so high that he or she is being overly sensitive, don't hesitate to take your friend to the hospital to rule out exposure to toxic substance.

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