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How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

While growing their own weed is quite easy for some growers, some of them experience difficulties when it comes to germinating new-bought cannabis seeds. Probably the biggest difficulty is that these seedlings tend to get damaged easily. If you too experience difficulties in the cannabis seeds germination process, here’re the things that would help you sail through.

Choose good cannabis seeds

When it comes to growing cannabis, the first and most important thing is to get good cannabis seeds. It’s also advisable to thoroughly inspect them before planting. While most of the seeds germinate, poor-quality ones tend to produce a weaker plant, which cannot be identified before the vegetative and flowering stages. Ideally, you should try reputable seed companies that have been around for some time.

Choose the germination method

There’re different types of methods used to germinate cannabis seeds. Let’s have a look at the most common ones among them.

· Paper towel method: This is the most commonly-used method to germinate cannabis seeds. Here, seeds are kept between or on wet paper towels. Different growers use different versions of this method as the absorbency of the material plays the most important role in this process. Try to maintain the balance of the moisture so it’s not too wet, nor too dry. Once the root has sprouted and you find it a few millimeters long, transplant the seedling into the soil and place it under a light source.

· Soil method: This is a relatively easier method of germinating cannabis seeds. Here, you stick the seeds in the soil directly. This method not only lets the plant experience the minimal amount of stress but its taproot can dive into the ground as deep as possible immediately. Though it’s a simple and most natural method, you’d need to mix the soil properly and put that into a sanitized container before placing the seeds.

Some other methods like the stone wool method, coco coir pellet method, etc are also used to germinate cannabis seeds.

Other important things to consider

In this category, probably the biggest important thing is to consider the light which is required for every plant growth stage other than the very beginning of the cannabis growing process. Remember not to place the lights in very close proximity to the new seedlings to avoid any harm caused to the plant.

Final Takeaway

Use gears like timer, hygrometer/thermometer, etc to keep track of factors like how long you’re keeping the lights on, whether you’re maintaining proper humidity and temperature, etc. By taking care of these simple yet important aspects of germinating cannabis seeds, you’ll surely be able to avoid a lot of problems.

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