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How to find the Best CBD cannabis products for You?

During the times of the cannabis gold rush, you can easily get lost in the different strains and products of cannabis. It's really confusing at times, but today we'll clear up all the fog. This article will help you decide what exactly you should look for.

What is the Problem?

If you want to find a solution, you need to know the problem. Cannabis can cure all kinds of diseases. It's really important that you have a very certain need.

Let's say you can't fall asleep and you don't want to use sleeping pills. For this case, it's best to use very high concentration THC products, rather than CBD products, if you want to knock yourself out on que.

On the other hand, if your sleep disorder is caused by anxiety, depression or chronic pain, CBD would be a better solution, since it's a long term problem. Again, knowing what causes your troubles is extremely important before applying any kind of solution.

Best form of CBD?

There are many ways to consume CBD. You can use oils, topicals, edibles, high-CBD cannabis strains, pills and so on. If you need to pass drug test occasionally, topicals might be the best form of CBD for you. You should still double check if there is zero THC in your CBD product.

High-CBD strains often contain some THC, which could lead to a failed drug test. If you don't need to take any drug tests, you could try the CBD strains and other CBD products, that contain some THC. Smoking High-CBD strains will let you feel the effects of CBD almost instantly, which could come with a very light high.

If you like cookies and gummies, there are plenty of CBD edibles. Frankly, there are no bad kinds of CBD. The edibles might contain a lot of sugar, especially the gummies. CBD oils might be a healthier alternative in that case. Other than that, it all depends on you, so don't be afraid to test different kinds of CBD products. What works for others might not work for you and vice versa.

Why is CBD oil the Most Popular (form)?

Another important factor is practicality. That's mainly the answer, because you can put it in your food, water, drinks or other medicine. It might be healthier than edibles or CBD strains too, especially when smoked. CBD oils usually contain other viable ingredients, such as Omega oils.

The fact that CBD tinctures were one of the earliest forms of medical cannabis could also add up to the popularity of CBD oils. People were already used to them. You rarely consume medicine in a form of an edible, which makes CBD oils feel more like medicine.

How to recognize bad quality CBD products?

Since the CBD gold rush got every other money chaser in the market, there is a fair share of low quality CBD products. You should always do some research before buying.

Main factors of good quality CBD oil:

· Organic Ethanol/Supercritical CO2 CBD extraction

· US grown Hemp

· Less than 0,3% THC

· Whole Plant/Full Spectrum > Isolate

To find out if the CBD oil was extracted organically/through supercritical CO2, was grown in the US, has no more than 0.3% THC should be easy. The manufacturer must have this info available on their website in public lab tests. The hemp doesn't have to be grown in the US, but here you know that the farmers needed official certificates, that prove their land was not contaminated with toxic chemicals.

Also, never choose isolate over the whole plant oil. Isolates are cheaper to produce and have less constituents than the whole plant version.

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