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How to choose your CBD?

Buying CBD oil can be a challenge. With so many cannabidiol products available on the market today, it is essential to know what characteristics we should look for, especially if you want to obtain the best quality oil.

Just because companies label their products as "safe" and "natural" does not mean that is what they sell. The best way to be sure that you are acquiring a beneficial product for your health, is to know how it is made and what its ingredients are.

In this article we inform you about the qualities that CBD oil should have so that you can enjoy all the advantages offered by this revolutionary cannabinoid.


Terpenes are hydrocarbons released by the same glands (trichomes) that produce THC and CBD. Although they do not have psychoactive effects, they reinforce the therapeutic potential of CBD oil.

The terpenes are also responsible for the intense aroma and pleasant taste of the oil. In addition to combating various pests during the flowering period of the plant, and attracting pollinating insects, the combination of the terrestrial, citrus and pine flavors of the terpenes provide the consumer with an extraordinary experience.


Something you will not want when it comes to CBD oil, is a product loaded with synthetic chemicals. These toxic additives prevent cannabinoids from doing their job. If you want to obtain an oil as clean as possible, you must choose a product made with CO extra extractions.

The difference between extractions with CO₂ and with butane, for example, is that these last extracts are not intended for human consumption. Not to mention that they have an unpleasant taste and that they can leave toxic residues. With CO₂ extracts, the flavor is much purer and the extract easier to ingest compared to other solvents.


All CBD oils may look the same, but in reality, they do not follow the same manufacturing process. Decarboxylation consists of eliminating the carboxyl group by applying heat to the hemp flowers for a prolonged period of time.

As a result, the inactive CBDA compound is activated and provides a range of potential benefits. If the CBD oil is not decarboxylated, the product is often cheap and less effective. While it may seem an attractive option when you have a tight budget, the truth is that in the end you end up spending more money with a cheaper product. Nine times out of ten, the most expensive product is the one that provides the highest concentration of CBD.


Everyone wants to taste the CBD oil. When there is such a large demand, some companies try to accelerate the production process with large-scale extractions. In this process they use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

Although all these substances potentiate the growth of the plant, they also eliminate its therapeutic effects. These methods destroy several terpenes and flavonoids, which translates into an unexpected result after consumption. The choice of a product that contains a phytocomplex rich in ingredients is essential when selecting the safest, most pure and effective oils.


Companies can promise quality oils as much as they want, but if their products have not been properly tested, there is no way for the consumer to know that what they are going to eat is safe. Always look for analysis reports.

Laboratory tests, both their own and those of third parties, are essential to guarantee the quality of the product. Manufacturers who take the trouble to confirm that their raw materials do not contain bacteria, harmful contaminants or artificial additives, are more likely to provide accurate information in their jars, and a better product.


CBD crystals contain almost pure CBD concentrations, but they lack the therapeutic benefits for which CBD oil is famous. These supplements do not offer any of the terpenes or cannabinoids that make CBD oils so effective.

The oils made with the whole plant, on the other hand, conserve the complete spectrum of terpenes of the cannabis plant (with the exception of psychoactive THC), which allows all its natural compounds to work in synergy. This theory is known as "entourage effect", which holds that the set of plant compounds is the key to the effectiveness of CBD and other products derived from hemp

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