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High expectations for medical vs recreational cannabis

Well, first of all, do you know what cannabis is? It’s a very much talked about plant today, used in both the medical and recreational world. The cannabis industry is on fire, with hot topics like making it legal being debated all over the world. A dried preparation of cannabis, whether smoked or consumed, can change things for you, both medically and recreationally. Let’s look.

Medical Marijuana

  • Dozens of countries have stopped the prohibition of medicinal cannabis, with governments admitting its potential in the treatment of medical patients.

  • Cannabis flowers are more used for medical purposes. You get different cannabis strains though, bred to produce high levels of CBD and low levels of THC. See what they both mean. In the medical sector, cannabis is consumed either through a vaporizer for oral intake, since smoke is harmful to the lungs.

Some medical benefits of cannabis:

o Good for chronic pain

o Helps fight addictions like drug addiction and alcoholism

o Evidence shows it could help treat symptoms of mental illnesses

o It is effective against vomiting and nausea in cancer

o Effective in multiple sclerosis

o Helps with epilepsy

Recreational Marijuana

  • The main purpose of recreational cannabis is what it offers; pleasant, relaxing feelings. Remember though, that recreational cannabis usually has a high THC content.

  • Recreational users mostly use cannabis for its mind-altering effects that are triggered by THC. The other relative in cannabis, CBD is more used in the medical sector. THC though is the one suspected of every now and then triggering off mental illnesses, like depression or psychosis, particularly in the young.

Are there any pros to recreational marijuana:

o It helps people to loosen their inhibitions

o It heightens the senses like you are more aware of music sounds and the different flavors of food

o Helps users to feel more creative, energized, and artistic

o It is said to bring out a bit of lightheartedness in one – which might be helpful when it comes to dealing with stress

o It helps to temporarily mask negativity, creating a feel-good feeling

Consuming the plant does come with some risks that consumers should be aware of. Whatever your reasons for cannabis usage, it is wise to stay away from any mind-altering drugs as the risk for other diseases remains forever present.

For medical purposes, marijuana might well be a highly effective treatment method, but that is what the controversy is all about – is it really going to be a yay or a nay.

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