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Here is why you need to stop smoking CBD Flower and vape it instead!

There are dozens of ways to enjoy CBD. Some of the most popular ways include edibles, creams and tinctures.

However, one of the most effective methods is to smoke CBD flowers. Smoking has a higher bioavailability rate than ingesting it orally and it is faster acting too.

However, smoking does have its disadvantages especially for those who are using CBD for its many health benefits.

Thankfully, we can enjoy the effectiveness of smoking without the health concerns by using a dry herb vaporizer.

Below Cara Robinson from Dank shares four reasons you should stop smoking CBD Flowers and vape them instead!

Your lungs will thank you for it

Unfortunately, smoking is linked to several health risks including cancer, heart attacks and respiratory diseases. This is true whether you smoke tobacco or hemp.

Inside a joint, CBD flower burns at over 1000°c and releases hundreds of harmful toxins and carcinogens

Vaporizers only will heat CBD Flower to just 200°c. This is warm enough to cause only the cannabinoids in your flower to evaporate. The harmful plant matter is left in your oven which you can empty into the bin as soon as you finish.

By using a dry herb vaporizer at the right temperatures it is very unlikely that you’ll be exposed to any dangerous chemicals.

Vaping is more efficient and saves money!

Vaping CBD flower is far more efficient than smoking

When you light a joint, you’re setting your CBD flower on fire. A study by NORML discovered that over 70% of cannabinoids may be destroyed by the heat inside a cigarette before you have a chance to inhale it. This leaves less than 30% available for ingestions

In contrast, the same study by NORML discovered that over 45% of available cannabinoids are ingested when vaping.

In the long run, vaping instead of smoking will mean you will vape less flower without sacrificing any of its effects.

Vaporizers produce a nicer smell than dissipates quickly

Ever wondered different CBD Flower strains smell differently?

Each strain has its unique terpene profile and it is terpenes that are responsible for the smell. An example of a terpene is Myrcene. This is found in oranges and gives strains such as Tangerine Dream its unique amora.

The cloud produced when smoking may appear to be a gas but it isn't. Instead, it is made up of thousands of tiny plant molecules of plant matter.

These molecules spoil the natural smells of your CBD Flowers and get mingled up in your clothes, carpets and furniture. This can take a long time to dissipate.

Vaporizers do produce a smell, but it smells less and dissipates quickly. This is because none of the plants is burned. The only aroma produced is from the cannabinoids and terpenes in your plant matter.

Your CBD Flowers will taste better

The same terpenes that are responsible for the smell of your CBD Flower also determine the taste.

The majority of terpenes evaporate at low temperatures and are obliterated by the high temperatures produced in a joint or bong.

Vaporizers allow you to enjoy the individual nuances of strain and before long will turn you into a real connoisseur.

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