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Have you tried CBD drinks?

The market for CBD infused products has grown at a rapid rate in the United Kingdom, as the growth of alternative foods and natural-based supplements continues to be popular amongst young consumers.

Whilst the market started out mainly with oils, entrepreneurs have come up with an ever-increasing range of products to add the Cannabis plant extract to including face creams, cakes, and even clothing.

One of the largest growth areas has been edibles and in particular CBD Drinks. With technology to the forefront, innovative USA based manufacturers have created water soluble broad spectrum powders that have allowed beverage manufactures to add to their drinks during the manufacturing and canning process.

This breakthrough has made adding CBD to a drinks product as simple as adding any other soluble ingredient, meaning no separation and unsightly oil slicks in the end product.

This innovation has allowed UK drinks brands to create a myriad of flavors and taste combinations with the average active CBD content around 10-25mg per can. The UK government regulations currently advise consuming less than 70mg per day, allowing users to drink 2-3 cans a day without breaching this advice.

At the forefront of these new products is Calm Drinks who have come up with a wide variety of products including sparkling waters in Lemon and Lime and Mixed Berry, cold brew coffees and even chocolate milk.

Their latest collection is immune support, orange-flavored sparkling water that contains 100% of the daily recommended values of Vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K, allowing consumers to get their daily vitamin fix and support their immune system all in one easy to drink 250ml can.

Whilst CBD is currently legal in the UK, the government has given manufacturers until the end of March 2021 to submit applications for their products to meet novel food guidelines. The European Union framework has a costly application fee, and small producers are worried that they will be frozen out of the market that they created and developed by large corporations. This uncertainty in the market place has held back many of the larger supermarket chains from investing in CBD based products and instead it’s the independents and health chains that have prospered from this uncertainty. One large independent Holland and Barrett has heavily invested in CBD products both in terms of products and marketing and has reaped the benefits of this approach, and they have become the de facto destination for serious consumers and advocated for the product.

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