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Everything You Need To Know About CBD Cigarettes

CBD cigarettes give you a quick, effective, and somewhat discreet way to consume and benefit from CBD. Moreover, smoking CBD supplies cannabinoids to the lungs allowing for swift absorption. Many consumers classify smoking as one of the best means of consuming this non-psychoactive compound.

Many have considered CBD cigarettes to be an efficient alternative for nicotine, and a safe substitute to nicotine gum, nicotine patches, or prescription medications that assist with the cessation of smoking.

In fact, many use CBD as a tobacco substitute, using it as an alternative for nicotine, and a safe substitute for nicotine patches, nicotine gum, and, in some cases, prescription medications that are used to help smokers quit tobacco smoking.

CBD Cigarettes: What Are They?

As the name suggests, CBD cigarettes are hemp-made cigarettes. They contain NO nicotine, less than 0.3% THC, and a lot of CBD. This type of cigarettes is legal across the nation as they do have yield any psychoactive effects as is the case with THC.

100% hemp – NO tobacco

NO nicotine, non-intoxicant, and less than 0.3% THC

Contains helpful terpenes and strong CBD

Quick CBD and long-lasting effects

Legal across the country and available online

Are CBD Cigarettes Safe?

First of all you should look to buy them only from certified US manufacturers and than it comes to other things:

The quality and constitution of the cigarette will determine how safe it is to consume. As such, before you choose a brand of CBD cigarettes, you should carry out your own due diligence.

There are companies that use synthetic additives, trim, or biomass to manufacture their cigarettes. The products are less effective and can have negative side effects.

On the other hand, luxury brands tend to use the highly potent and beneficial parts of the hemp plant – the flowers – in making pre-rolls and cigarettes.

As you can appreciate, while there are some genuine companies selling high-quality products, there are just as many products that cut-corners to shore up their bottom line.

Ensure you verify the quality of the company’s product by reading the verified reviews. Never purchase products from a company that does not provide analysis certificates (COAs) or use synthetic additives.

What Are The Best Brands Of CBD Cigarettes?

You only purchase CBD products (including, CBD cigarettes) from brands that are honest about the ingredients of their products. by extension, the companies must supply COAs of their products before you purchase.

The jury is still out on who offers the best CBD cigarettes on the market. However, with some proper due diligence, you will get a sense of which company has the best quality products, tested for durability and integrity, and, therefore, which company suits your needs. Nonetheless, validated feedback, testing COAs, and engaging in online forums will help you narrow down the best brands.

Shopping for CBD cigarettes should not be a terrifying experience. In many regards, it is still like shopping for regular cigarettes. Ultimately, it comes down to a matter of personal preference on which brand to go for.

Final Thoughts

CBD cigarettes offer users plenty of benefits in an efficient and discreet manner. Crucially, as a delivery system, smoking CBD is very effective. Preliminary studies show that hemp cigarettes can help people quit smoking tobacco.

However, before purchasing your products, read widely on feedback, and test the products as part of your due diligence.

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