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Do You Know About Cannabis Crowdgrowing Platform JuicyFields.io ?

The opportunity Juicy Fields offers for everyone - to profit from the cannabis industry online.

Crowdgrowing movement was created to remove the boundaries between people and the cannabis business. Participate in the cultivation of cannabis around the world and make a profit every 3 months!

Cannabis is now one of the most valuable assets you could invest in. The cannabis industry is expected to be worth $66.3 billion by 2025. As more countries legalize cannabis for medical use, every dollar you invest in cannabis should make you a tidy profit. And the great news is that investing in medical cannabis has never been easier. Juicy Fields is a cannabis crowdsourcing platform that allows you to invest in cannabis remotely. This means you don’t have to go through all the trouble of obtaining growing licenses or finding expert growers, reliable wholesalers, distributors, and pharmaceutical companies. You simply select the strain(s) you want to grow, decide how many plants you want to buy, and let Juicy Fields take care of the rest.

JuicyFields is licensed to cultivate up to 10 hectares of THC-dominant strains and an unlimited surface of CBD-dominant strains in Colombia. The company collaborates only with licensed partners, and its experts have the in-depth knowledge and skill required to grow cannabis in full compliance with Colombia’s agricultural standards. Juicy Fields’ auto-growing system ensures that every plant benefits from the proper lighting, thorough irrigation, and air exchange circuits it needs to produce 2 – 4 harvests per year.

1. What is JuicyFields.io?

JuicyFields Crowdgrowing platform is a technological solution designed to crack the global cannabis monopoly. Crowdgrowing with JuicyFields allows anyone to legally grow medical cannabis and earn an income from it. We bring such people and licensed growers around the world together.

2. What is crowdfunding like in Europe as opposed to the USA? Is there a high interest in CBD and cannabis companies?

Cannabis crowdfunding in the US has legal obstacles. There are restrictions on the amount of raised funds a company can have and entry cost restrictions are the main barriers.

Crowdfunding in Europe has already reached a significant level of growth, adoption and maturity. We decided to take that further. Crowdgrowing is not just raising money for project development, it allows you to take part in a highly profitable but strictly regulated cannabis industry. We will be interesting to both investors and those entrepreneurs seeking funding who have great opportunities.

We don't just raise money for the development of cannabis startups all around the world, we also share the profit from each crop of our partners with our members for 5 years. Our crowdfunding consultants have experience of successful crowdfunding work in America and Europe and we made the platform as international as possible.

Interest in CBD products and medical cannabis high in THC is growing exponentially in Europe.

The growing number of EU patients is far exceeding the volume of cannabis available. Bureaucratic difficulties in each EU country has hindered progress so far, in comparison, 12 US States have legalized marijuana for use, in the EU, Luxembourg will become the first fully legalized member state in 2020 for all types of cannabis for both recreational and medicinal use.

Currently in Europe there is too much bureaucracy and high costs in licenses and legal fees associated with opening a cannabis business - all this has generated increased interest in more simplified cannabis business models.

3. What market advantages does JuicyFields have in the crowdfunding space that more traditional platforms can’t offer?

We have combined a growing and crowdfunding cooperative model. We offer long-term relationships, they are always better than a one-time deal arrangement. Our members receive income for 3-4-5 years.

4. Is it more of a co-op model with people buying part of a garden, or in this case, cannabis grow, and then getting the profits when the cannabis is sold?

Yes, we, as a large friendly co-op of like-minded people, obtain the profit when the crop is sold.

5. How many legal growers are there in Europe that can sign up and offer part of their field or crop?

In Q2 & Q3 2020, we plan to accept around 10 projects worth 50 million euros in funding, but Q4 2020 we envisage a scale up to around 150 million euros.

At the moment we are preparing to increase the pool of projects and are actively negotiating with new partners' that provide THC products and facilities.

6. What are the biggest import countries on your list of where your growers can send cannabis?

Canada 70% Europe 30% (Germany, Italy, Poland)

7. What are the minimum requirements for investors and how small or large of a grower do you have to be to sign up?

Requirements for investors are that they must be a minimum of 21 years old. Anyone can become a member, they simply need to register on the platform www.JuicyFields.io and get a personal grower's account.

You have a choice of varieties with different yields: small, medium, high and ultra. You can start a profitable contract for only €50 and by 3 months you will receive your first share from selling cannabis right into your wallet!!!​

To become a JuicyFields Farmer potential partners must have the following:

Availability of licenses for the cultivation of GAP, GMP in hand or applied for - we are interested in what varieties can grow – JuicyFields only deals with varieties of medical cannabis high in THC. Ownership of land or long-term secured lease. Strong professional team with successful experience or a track record of growing medical cannabis. 8. What is the best way for someone to contact them? Email, social media?

Best way to connect is through our official Telegram channel: JuicyFields

Here we are available 24/7

9. What advice would you give someone that is looking to start a cannabis business in Europe right now?

Get started now! Right now! With JuicyFields! We are the ideal partner for beginners, and iI am not exaggerating here!

10. What is one mistake you made in the last 12 months that you wish you could change now if you knew what you know now?

No mistakes are made, just new, useful experiences! In truth, I'm very happy with everything as everything is going according to plan.

11. Best surprise so far in setting up your business and website?

We knew that we were cool, and had a good innovative idea but we did not expect so much positivity =)

Although we have not started in full we already have acquired some real fans in the industry, new partners and like-minded people. I can say that more than 90% of people who join our platform or simply watched our video write to me: “Alan! This is an awesome idea! We are with you!”

This is the most pleasant surprise - our like-minded people.

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