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Dad with Terminal Cancer Credits His Prolonged Life to CBD Oil and Dog Worming Tablets

A dad-of-three dying from colon cancer and given only a year to live credits his prolonged life to CBD oil and dog worming tablets.

Last September, at age 39, Scott Davis from Torquay, Devon was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer and was told he only had a year to live. Davis was shocked and horrified by this piece of news.

“I was completely gobsmacked when they told me I had roughly a year to live. I was completely fit and healthy and you wouldn't have thought anything was wrong with me,” says Davis. "A few months prior, I had been getting stomach pains which the doctor thought was IBS, but not long after, I was curled up in excruciating pain and ended up in the hospital, which is when they found the tumor."

As a solution, doctors only offered Scott Davis palliative care—methods to just relieve the symptoms but not to treat the condition itself. This did not sit well with him, and he began looking for alternatives.

"Straight after my diagnosis, a nurse at the hospital told me not to give up and slipped me a leaflet about the benefits of CBD oil and things,” Davis recalls. “That's when I read about worming tablets known as fenbendazole and CBD oil. I started taking them both in May after reading online that it can help with terminal cancer.”

After doing more of his own research, Davis studied if CBD oil and fenbendazole cause anti-cancerous effects. Whether small doses of CBD found in lollipops or larger doses found in tinctures are more effective, we recommend speaking with your healthcare practitioner to find the best solution for you. While CBD oil works to alleviate symptoms such as pain naturally without side effects, the fenbendazole acts to alter the viability of cells in areas around the solid tumor that lack oxygen.

The lack of oxygen in the tumor makes it more resistant to chemotherapy. So the fenbendazole would potentially reverse these negative effects, though more research is still needed to know for certain. Whether CBD patches or oil are the best way to obtain the benefits is unknown, and further case studies are needed to determine the most effective application for the cannabinoid.

After doing his own research, Davis began taking the dog worming tablets with CBD oil—as well as dozens of other vitamins—and he now claims to be fitter and healthier mentally than he's ever been.

"I get the fenbendazole online for £7.50 per week and I get through one pack each day. It's a powder so I normally just sprinkle it on my toast."

Twelve months and 13 days after being given a year to live, Scott Davis is able to celebrate his 40th birthday with his three children, Lowenna, 1, Bobby, 5, and Harley-Jack, 8.

Surpassing his doctors’ expectations, Davis continues to run his building and maintenance firm. With the help of his healthy lifestyle, he believes he can live up to 75 years old.

He now jokes that he has exceeded his “sell-by date.”

“In terms of advice I've received from the hospital, they've basically just told me to keep doing what I'm doing as it's evident I'm getting results from it,” Davis says. “My goal now is to raise as much awareness and help as many people as possible while I’m still here.”

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