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CBD For Dogs: What You Need to Know

CBD dog treats are now a thing, and they can be wonderful for your pet. Turns out CBD affects many of the same receptors on dogs as it does in humans, meaning your dog can reap the benefit of the substance alongside you in times of need. There are many dog ailments that can be treated with CBD. Here are some of them.

1 - Anxiety

Specifically, people have found that giving dogs CBD can help them with separation anxiety. Dogs suffering from separation anxiety can cause quite a lot of noise and destruction, as well as hurt themselves in their rampage.

Giving your dog a CBD dog treat about an hour before you leave the house can help them stay calm through your absence. With luck and a bit of training, you might be able to reduce their CBD dose until they are able to stay home alone without CBD and without panicking.

CBD also helps with dogs who suffer from other forms of mental health issues, such as phobias, depression, and fear of loud noises.

2 - Nausea

One of the many uses of CBD in humans is helping alleviate nausea caused by cancer treatment. The same effect happens in dogs, where CBD can help alleviate nausea, helping the pet gain back some appetite as a result. It may be hard to make them eat a CBD treat if they are feeling nauseous, but you can get around that by placing drops of CBD oil directly into the dog’s mouth.

3 - Inflammation

CBD works as an anti-inflammatory agent, and it’s effective both when ingested and when applied directly to the afflicted area, which can help treat a wide variety of problems.

For example, CBD can be used to help with the dog’s post-operative care, alleviating the pain and reducing the inflammation. It also can reduce the pain associated with all sorts of diseases, including cancer. And it can treat dog arthritis directly by reducing the amount of inflammation in the joints.

As an anti-inflammatory, CBD has the benefit of doing more than just reducing the pain — it treats the root cause, helping the dog heal.

4 - Aggression

Aggression is a natural instinct in dogs. They are built to be hunters, after all, and an aggressive dog — if well trained — can help provide protection and peace of mind for your family. But sometimes, for one reason or another, you need your dog to tune it down for a few hours.

In those situations, you can just give your dog a CBD treat in advance. CBD helps dogs calm down as well as it does humans, especially at high doses. Very useful if you are still trying to train an aggressive dog, or if you predict they’ll need to stay calm in the presence of something that usually triggers them.

5 - Seizures

One of the first uses of CBD in humans was as a seizure medication. The substance has the same effect on dogs, helping reduce the incidence and intensity of seizures. This is a great option for owners trying who prefer to keep their dog healthy with natural solutions. You can learn more about the uses of different cannabis products by visiting sites like CannaConnection.

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