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Cannabis Concentrates vs. Flower: Reviewing Top 5 Differences

There was a time when traditional flower-based smoking was considered the only method of consuming cannabis. But over the last decade, cannabis concentrates have gained notable popularity. Here, the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes are only extracted using scientific processes.

With the cannabis concentrates market developing rapidly, it has become important to learn the reasons behind the growing popularity of concentrates.

So, here’re five major differences between cannabis concentrates and flowers.

1. Cannabis concentrates are more potent

The biggest difference between cannabis concentrates and flower is the former is much more potent than the latter. They can max out cannabinoids levels up to 80% whereas the traditional flower yields something around high 20’s. So, you can get an outstanding potent effect out of a small quantity.

2. Concentrates are purer than flower

This one directly comes down to the preparation process of cannabis concentrates. During the extraction process, materials other than cannabinoids like THC or CBD and terpenes are left behind. This delivers a purer form of the material to the user’s mind and body. On the contrary, the flower remains unfiltered and may build up tar.

3. Flowers tend to come with more flavor

Flavor of the content is the factor where flowers are preferred over concentrates by a lot of by a lot of veteran consumers. Usually, flowers come with more flavors and aromatic notes than concentrates. The reason is pretty simple – during the creation of concentrates, specific cannabinoids like THC or CBD are extracted and other cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes etc are left behind. These terpenes and flavonoids are what create the strong flavor and aromatic notes in flower. However, well-made concentrates can also offer more of a pure herbal/floral taste and flavor.

4. Concentrates come in a wide variety of products

When it comes to the traditional flower-based smoking, you’ve got only two fundamental form of cannabis – cured and trimmed buds. On the contrary, concentrates are available in a broad variety of cannabis products. From new products like oils and waxes to old products like hash and tinctures – you get to have a broad range of products.

5. Flower-based smoking is cheaper than concentrates

On the pricing front, it takes a significant number of extra steps to prepare cannabis concentrates and that makes its price pretty much higher than what you need to pay for traditional flower-based smoking. Also, those using concentrates regularly tend to develop a higher level of THC tolerance and thus, require an increasingly larger quantity of the product to get the same effects, which may not be the best option for every user.

Parting Thoughts

Despite the differences between cannabis concentrates and flower, it ultimately comes down to the personal preferences of the users. In addition, regardless of the preferred consumption method, the option of switching it up is always there with tolerance breaks and light usage.

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