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A Guide to Buying Hemp Flowers in 2019

Since the manufacture and sale of hemp products became federally legal in 2018, the industry has developed at an ever-increasing rate. While CBD oils, gummies, and other highly-processed products have gained popularity across the US, few are taking note of the rising demand for THC-lacking hemp flower. Much of the demand appears to come from former marijuana and tobacco smokers who are looking for hemp flower that both provides a tasteful smoking experience while being high in CBD and terpenes.


In 2019, the USA became the third largest manufacturer of hemp in the world. Despite this, you may be surprised to learn that purchasing or using hemp products could land you on the wrong side of the law in your state.

There are 5 states that have severe restrictions against the hemp industry. If you reside in South Dakota, Idaho, Mississippi, New Hampshire, or the District of Columbia, you’re essentially out of luck. Moreover, there are 8 states that have murky restrictions on the manufacture and sale of hemp. These ‘grey-area’ states are Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Nebraska, Delaware, and Hawaii. If you reside in one of these states, it’s best to look at the most up-to-date state-specific regulations to be sure of the local legality of buying hemp flower. Laws are changing quickly, and the hemp community hopes to be welcomed in these final 8 states soon.

Broadly speaking, in the ‘grey-area’ states, the most likely products from hemp to be banned are hemp flowers. This is mostly because law enforcement has a difficult time distinguishing between marijuana and hemp flower visually.

Guide to Buying

If hemp products are legal in your state, you’re ready to buy hemp flowers online. Here’s a summary of what to look out for:

Certificate of analysis: All reliable hemp flower producers provide third-party laboratory testing of their products. The certificate of analysis should be visible on their website, and it should include quantitative analyses of THC, CBD, and terpene content, as well as an analysis of the presence of heavy metals and pesticide residues. Look for the presence of the relaxing terpenes a-pinene, linalool, or limonene, and the pain-reducing terpenes b-caryophyllene and myrcene. CBD levels should range from 10-15%.

Professional firm: Despite its legality, the hemp industry still attracts less than forthright businesspeople. For this reason, it’s important that you analyze the professionality of the firm you’re buying from. Do they have a respectable website? Do they respond quickly to communications? Do they provide notices to law enforcement in all of their dispatched packages?

Other considerations: There are three more things to look for. First, read some reviews of the particular producer’s hemp flowers. Pay attention to what you hear about the consistency of pre-rolls, the amount of seeds in flowers, and the taste/smell quality reported. Second, check that the producer offers a money-back guarantee (a 30-day period is common). Finally, look for reasonable prices. An ounce of good quality hemp flower will not cost less than $50 and should not exceed $80, as per 2019 prices.

Producers to Consider

There are three companies with a, particularly large web presence. In order of descending reputation, they are:

Tweedle Farms: Oregon-based firm that produces what appears to be the highest quality hemp flowers sold online. Their prices are somewhat high, but they are mostly organic and clearly pay attention to the way they source their flower. Known for producing pleasant-tasting smokes, their Haze strains (high in the terpene myrcene) are particularly sought after.

Plain Jane Hemp: Another Oregon-based firm, Plain Jane Hemp specializes in producing the most discreet hemp flower on the market. Their goal is to provide smokers with pre-rolls and flowers that cannot be easily distinguished from cigarettes in public – so you can smoke your hemp flower anywhere that people can smoke cigarettes, without fear of being mistaken for smoking marijuana. In order to make the hemp flower odorless, however, most of the odor-causing terpenes are removed from the flowers, leaving a relatively tasteless smoke. Check out their Otto 2 strain.

CBD Hemp Direct: This producer is based in Nevada, near the Las Vegas Strip. They are higher priced and provide what is generally regarded to be mediocre product. Nonetheless, they are a reliable manufacturer.

To Get Started

Remember to first check that you don’t live in a state that is antagonistic to hemp. If you’re safe to purchase it, your best bet is to look at well-known, professional companies. Choose a product based on the quantitative metrics you find in their third-party certificate of analysis, as well as their reviews by users online.

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