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7 Ways to Use CBD Products for Self-Care

1. Relax with a Face Mask

Face masks are the poster child of the self-care movement, and for good reason. There’s just something special about taking a few minutes at the end of the day to do something just for yourself. It’s healthy for your skin and great for your mental health as well. Deliver pure CBD and botanical extracts to your skin with Joy Organics CBD Face Mask!

2. Soothing Daily Toner

While you may not do a face mask every day, there are some things you can do each morning and night to add a little bit of self-care to your daily routine. Using a facial toner is one of those things that can make you feel a little bit fancy while also helping your skin. A good CBD toner, like Naysa’s CBD Facial Toner will hydrate and balance your skin while delivering a daily dose of refreshment.

3. Give Some Love to Your Lips

No one likes the feeling or the appearance of dry, chapped lips. Instead of just using regular chapstick or lip balm, take it a step further with CBD lip balm. Infused with 20mg of CBD, coconut oil, vanilla and honey, Endoca HEMP Lips + Skin Balm is just what you need to transform a daily act into one of self-care.

4. Boost Your Regular Skincare Routine

CBD moisturizers go beyond just hydrating your skin. You’ll find essential nutrients, healthy oils, soothing aloe, and the amazing benefits of CBD in Naysa’s CBD Daily Skin Renewal Cream. Use it in the morning, at night, or both. It’s also perfect for locking in the benefits of any CBD face mask or toner.

5. Don’t Forget Your Assets!

Perhaps you don’t pay as much attention to the rest of your body as you do to your face. It’s true that your face is the first impression people have of you, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of you isn’t important! For firmer skin anywhere on your body, use Naysa’s CBD Butt and Bust Booster Cream. You’ll love the results!

6. Give or Receive a Relaxing Massage

There are few things better than a good massage! Massage is proven to have amazing benefits for your mind and body. It can relax muscles, reduce pain, and much more. Adding a great CBD oil like Naysa’s CBD Massage Oil to this ritual can introduce even more anti-inflammatory and relaxing benefits.

7. Take a Luxurious Bath

Last but not least, another staple of self-care is taking a soothing bath! When you soak in a warm bath, you can literally feel your muscles relaxing and your worries melting away. Naysa’s CBD Bath Bombs are available in Sleep, De-Stress and Relax formulas, each with 100mg of CBD, to turn a regular soak into a CBD-infused therapy session.

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