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5 things to analyze when buying CBD

In this article, we will discuss the main pitfalls people make when purchasing CBD for better health and wellness. To do this we will look at what exactly to analyze when buying CBD in the first place.

First, we will start with the most simple assertion, but easily one of the most misunderstood.

1. Is the CBD you want for humans or animals?

You may be shocked to hear this but we get many inquiries asking whether the CBD sold is for pets as well as humans. First of all the makeup of CBD Oil for humans is different than for pets. CBD for pets will not have essential oils for example. One example of essential oil would be peppermint oil that’s used as a carrier in most popular Hemp Oils for humans.

Therefore knowing what you’re buying, aside from reading the small print on the back of the bottle is crucial in getting the right CBD for your species!

Secondly, pet owners should refrain from purchasing CBD Oil for their animals that are made for humans, as CBD made for us has much higher milligram concentrations of CBD. An animal’s physiology is drastically different from ours as is your pet’s endocannabinoid system, that looks to ingest cannabinoids like CBD. This means the massive increases in CBD content in your CBD bottle may be too much for your dog or cat. Therefore it could have an adverse effect on their health, however, this is still to be researched in its entirety.

Lastly, it comes down to taste. What humans find pleasurable a dog, cat, rabbit or reptile will not. All these animals have different palettes and preferences. For instance, mammals who are usually fed meat products like pork or bacon, will not find an all-natural Hemp Oil as their go-to taste. Why waste money in purchasing Hemp Oil to feed them, that's actually made for people? Instead shop at CBD sites that are dedicated to pet health, to get more from your money.

2. Lab reports

When buying CBD you must check you are getting what you pay for. The CBD industry is notorious for having supplements that don’t give you what you need. For instance, there may be a lack of CBD in the vial than what's purported on the box. Therefore looking out for lab reports is compulsory if you want to buy the best products. This lab reports basically outline exactly what’s in the CBD of interest.

They will look at the exact percentages in Hemp Oil. What’s more, is that the control body carrying out the lab reports will prove that it's real with a stamp of authenticity. This of course proves you are spending your money wisely.

The second reason lab reports are important is because they show that the extraction process of the CBD being sold is safe and environmentally friendly. In the report, you will be able to examine whether the CBD has been derived via ethanol hydrocarbon processes, whereby the process will be unenvironmentally friendly and more prone to accidents. However if you see it stated as C02 extracted, then you should choose this CBD as this extraction process forgoes all use of outside chemicals like ethanol. Instead, C02 extraction methods rely on carbon dioxide to extract CBD by “enveloping” it around the Hemp plants under extreme pressure to squeeze out the CBD inside.

This will result in a healthier, more natural CBD Oil, and by seeking out the lab reports on a CBD vendor’s site means you can ascertain whether it's worth buying the particular Hemp Oil. However, if the CBD seller of concern doesn’t openly publish their lab reports it means they haven’t done any or their CBD includes incorrect amounts of legal THC (0.2% for the UK, 0.3% in the US and 0.05% in the EU). These sellers must be ignored and not taken seriously, as they look to mislead customers as to what’s actually in their CBD products.

3. Health claims

In the global CBD industry, there are ethical standards that must be adhered to. These ethics include making reasonable claims on the bottle that don’t pertain to curing any disease, illness, or ailment. This is because as of yet, CBD hasn’t been proven as a cure-all for anything.

However, there are some CBD vendors who will exploit the innocence and naivety of customers by stating their products will cure cancer or arthritis. There is no solid evidence for this. The media is also guilty of capitalizing on the wonderment of consumers by exclaiming that CBD is the new cure for any disease.

In fact, CBD simply increases the natural ingredients you ingest every day. It does this by catering to your endocannabinoid system in order to support your body’s jobs, not cure any outside infection or virus. It is that simple. Therefore one thing to look out for is any health claims on the CBD site you want to buy off. If there are any, then that seller is not ethical and operating illegally.

4. Price and Genuity

This is a very important thing to look out for when buying CBD, as you don’t want to be ripped off. Some CBD companies are guilty of charging extortionate prices for their low-level supplements. If you are looking to source a low-level milligram Hemp Oil, you should be paying just £19.99 or at least $26.00. Anything higher is a scam.

The same goes for 30ml or a higher volume of CBD bottles. These are actually less effective as the CBD inside is triple filtered with higher amounts of other essential oils, in order to fill up the larger bottle it comes in. This means you are likely getting the same amount of drops of CBD as with a standard cheaper 10ml bottle. However some companies charge in the triple figures for these types of products, but it's a rip off as you get the same concentration with a lower milliliter bottle anyway.

On another note looking out for seasonal Hemp Oil offers are great when it comes to saving money in today’s economy. There are usually constant buy one get one free deal on the net all the time, which you can take advantage of. However, you must make sure that the seller has lab reports and you look out for the other factors we have mentioned in this article.

The authenticity and ingenuity of the product you are about to buy is also something to look out for. This can be found in the area you are sourcing from. For example, sourcing Hemp Oil from Amazon can be risky due to the lack of lab reports and the fact that Amazon doesn’t actually permit CBD. The way so-called CBD products get onto Amazon is by stating they are less effective Hemp Seed Oil, and some people don’t know the difference between Hemp Oil and Hemp Seed Oil.

Simply put Hemp Seed Oil is derived from the seeds before they are planted. Hemp Oil comes from the plant when it is grown and matured. Therefore you must look out for the actual oil you are purchasing and where it comes from in the Hemp life cycle.

5. Your personal health goals

Lastly, your personal health goals are very important to look at before you buy CBD. This is because different strengths, types, and doses of Hemp Oil are to be used for different health goals. Firstly low strength Hemp Oil is best for those who wish to use Hemp Oil occasionally, high strength is there to be used to improve health substantially.

Other health goals related to fitness also impact on the Hemp Oil you may buy. For instance, if you’re an active person, using water-soluble CBD can be helpful as it can be mixed in healthy juices, or shakes to be taken to the gym. For those who want speedy muscle recovery support think of Turmeric infused CBD supplements that include curcumin, the active ingredient in Turmeric as it can support the cartilage in your body. Turmeric has been researched as a potent anti-inflammatory too.

If you are on the go a lot and have a busy lifestyle but have health goals related to anxiety support, CBD in spray form can be best. This is because CBD spray can be used quickly directly in the mouth as you walk, and you don’t have to measure out the exact amounts as you have to with standard CBD oil. CBD capsules are also great if you want to use CBD alongside other vitamins or minerals that you usually take. This allows you to integrate CBD in your other supplement routines to better realize your personal health goals.

All in all your personal health goals are unique to you and your CBD choices must be parallel to these. You must look at what you want to achieve with your Hemp Oil supplement before committing to buying any CBD.

Summing up our mission.

At All Round CBD we look to write for the public and spread correct CBD tips, products, and news. In this article, we hope you have understood the five most important things to look out for when choosing a Hemp Oil to buy. These are: whether the CBD you want is for humans or animals, lab reports that prove the quality of your Hemp Oil of choice, whether there are any unrealistic health claims on the CBD bottle, the price points of the CBD, lastly your own health goals and if the CBD you want to buy will help actualize them. After going through these you increase your chances of buying the best CBD that's right for you.

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