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1lb Hemp Flower Available Direct From Oregon Farmers

Oregon Hemp Flower’s 1lb Hemp Flower Firesale is now on! Buy premium quality smokable hemp flowers containing up to 21.5% full-spectrum CBD, for just $249.99 per lb.

Serving hemp flower buyers across all 50 states, Oregon Valley Hemp is a farm to table supplier of naturally grown hemp suitable for a variety of therapeutic uses.

Shop now for CBD flowers for sale in bulk 10lb, 1lb, 1oz, and 7-gram quantities, with shipping available to all 50 United States.

Buy 1lb Hemp Flower for Less Than Current Wholesale Prices

In 2019, the wholesale hemp flower price per pound averaged $319 to $349. Now, to celebrate the launch of our latest hemp flower strains, we’re reducing prices to as low as $249!

Meet our Newest Hemp Flower Strains

Oregon Valley Hemp sells hemp flower under the 0.3% delta-9 THC as per the 2018 Farm Bill, containing varying levels of therapeutic Cannabinoids.

High-strength smokable hemp flower strains containing as much as 21.5% CBD, are fantastic for managing chronic pain. However, higher levels of Cannabinoids can also result in sedative-like side effects.

By comparison, lower potency hemp flower strains increase energy levels, wakefulness, and mental alertness. Our 1lb hemp flower firesale, therefore, includes four popular hemp flower strains suitable for a wide variety of users.

Merlot High-Grade 1Lb Hemp Flower (13.37% CBD)

Merlot is a high-grade hemp flower strain, containing 13.37% CBD. As a hybridization of Cherry Wine and Berry Blossom hemp, Merlot flowers also have a distinctive chocolatey, some say rich berry terpene profile.

A favorite hemp flower for anyone looking to banish anxiety, Merlot contains elevated levels of β-myrcene. This induces feelings of physical relaxation that a-Bisabolol in Merlot exemplifies further, by reducing cognitive stress levels.

Merlot is also a fantastic strain to use to relieve chronic pain. This is thanks to Merlot having naturally high levels of anti-inflammatory Cannabinoids like β-Caryophyllene.

Red Bordeaux 14.21% CBD Hemp Flowers

Red Bordeaux hemp flowers are similar to Merlot, in that most people prefer to smoke Red Bordeaux in the evening.

Like with Merlot, all our Oregon Red Bordeaux hemp flowers also contain high levels of Myrcene, β-Caryophyllene, and a-Bisabolol. Smoking or consuming edibles made using flowers, therefore, reduces stress by aiding physical relaxation.

Similar to with Merlot, β-Caryophyllene in Red Bordeaux hemp flowers also promotes pain relief. However, flowers also contain high levels of terpenes like Guaiol. This makes Red Bordeaux a fantastic strain for not just generic pain relief, but also relief from hypertension and digestive discomfort.

Socati T2 1Lb Hemp Flower 13.9% CBD

Socati T2 is often the go-to hemp strain for people looking for medical-grade CBD. This is thanks to Socati T2 producing consistently high levels of full-spectrum Cannabinoids.

Having a pine, woody, lemony terpene profile, smoking Socati T2 results in near-instant soothing effects. However, high levels of the monoterpene Pinene also help enhance creativity and focus.

Typically, people turn to Socati T2, when looking for a hemp flower strain that is capable of alleviating pain and enhancing physical and mental well-being, but also one which isn't as heavy as strains like Lifter.

Lifter 21.5% CBD Hemp Flowers

If you are looking for a hemp flower strain with a robust cannabinoid profile, Lifter is the strain for you.

Containing CBC, CBCA, and CBGA, Lifter is the ideal strain for anyone looking to experience the ‘entourage effect.' This being a state where several cannabinoids work synergistically to boost overall therapeutic benefits.

Having a distinctly earthy, woody aroma, Lifter is pleasant to smoke or use in homemade edibles. Users of Lifter also benefit from a hemp strain that contains high levels of Pinene, Myrcene, Farnesene, Geranyl Acetate, and several other health-promoting cannabinoids.

All Our 1lb Hemp Flower Strains are delta-9 2018 Farm Bill Compliant

As a result of the Oregon Valley Hemp firesale, it is currently possible to buy 2019’s best therapeutic hemp flower strains for just $249.99 per lb.

When you place your order with us, you also benefit from an assurance that all our hemp contains less than 0.03% delta- 9 THC, as per the 2018 Farm Bill.

Find out why we're the best U.S. supplier of all-natural CBD hemp flowers, by ordering now while supplies last!

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